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What followed…/ Was als Nächstes geschah..

Anybody wanna have a guess at what followed after buying all this furniture?
Correct – it needed putting together. So my birthday was very well spent building Billys (4) and Kallaxes (Expedits successor, 3 of those):

Ob wohl jemand erraten kann, was nach dem Kauf der ganzen Möbel geschah?
Genau, sie mussten aufgebaut werden. Also wurde mein Geburtstag in diesem Jahr damit verbracht 4 Billys und 3 Kallxe aufzubauen:

Billys galore         2014-12-21 09.41.05

Since my stuff hasn’t made it here yet (but hopefully will this coming week), all the shelves are still empty and currently used for a) hiding places during hide and seek or b) toy storage.

The not-so-good-news is that Adam got really sick on my birthday and was sick for that entire weekend (but went to work nonetheless) which messed up all plans of working on the house and going out. So I spent my Sunday putting together our new dresser which of course turned out to be the most complicating of all furniture ^^.

Da meine Holzbox noch nicht angekommen ist (aber diese Woche erwartet wird), sind die Regale alle noch leer und werden wahlweise als a) Versteck oder b) zum Unterbringen von Spielzeug genutzt.

Die nicht-so-gute-Nachricht ist, dass Adam noch an meinem Geburtstag total krank wurde und das ganze Wochenende krank war (aber natürlich trotzdem gearbeitet hat). Das hat die Pläne am Haus zu arbeiten und abends etwas zu unternehmen ziemlich durcheinander gebracht. Somit habe ich den Sonntag damit verbracht unsere neue Kommode alleine aufzubauen – natürlich war diese das Komplizierteste von allem:

2014-12-21 10.41.202014-12-21 12.04.452014-12-21 13.02.332014-12-28 09.59.36

It took me all day, but I think it turned out pretty well. So well in fact that we’ve decided to buy another one albeit a smaller version.

Ich habe den ganzen Tag gebraucht, aber ich bin zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Sie gefällt uns so gut, dass wir beschlossen haben noch eine weitere, kleinere zu kaufen.


Gotta love Ikea

After an incredibly smooth trip, no hassle at immigration and even catching an earlier flight to Kansas City than planned, being greeted with sparkling wine topped it all off to a perfect travel+ arrival day.
Since whirlpool tubs have already become kind of a tradition for Adam and me, of course we had one here as well :). This one turned out to be leaking into the bathroom below us – which didn’t stop us from enjoying it anyhow.

Before driving back to Macon, another highlight was coming up: a trip to Ikea. To a non-Ikea lover this may not make much sense, but to me this was a reason for great excitment. I had figured that just as every Wal-Mart is set up the same, every Ikea would have the same layout and I was right – a very familiar experience it turned out to be.

Anni in Ikea-heaven
It didn’t take us long to find what we had wanted and I’ll say this: I’m never going to Ikea without a pick-up truck ever again :D.

Gotta love pick-up trucks

Happiness in Mis(sou)ery(i)

“Missouri – Misery” – this part of a quote from a popular TV show has been following me around for a while.
Luckily to me Missouri is as far from misery as it gets – on the contrary. I plan to be most happy here.

“Anni- where is it you’re going exactly?“ I’ve lost count of exactly how many times I’ve been asked this question in the past 6 months. “Michigan?”, “Wisconsin?”, “New York”?
Neither. I’m moving to Missouri. Macon, Missouri. “Macon like Bacon” as more than one German friend has pointed out – it seems this is how this small Northern Missouri town’s name can best be remembered by my friends.

So I am here, freshly arrived in Macon yesterday – after two great first days in Kansas City (including a visit to IKEA – more of that later) – and already mostly unpacked and in the middle of it all.

I will try to keep you all updated frequently!

Anni out.