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Happiness in Mis(sou)ery(i)

“Missouri – Misery” – this part of a quote from a popular TV show has been following me around for a while.
Luckily to me Missouri is as far from misery as it gets – on the contrary. I plan to be most happy here.

“Anni- where is it you’re going exactly?“ I’ve lost count of exactly how many times I’ve been asked this question in the past 6 months. “Michigan?”, “Wisconsin?”, “New York”?
Neither. I’m moving to Missouri. Macon, Missouri. “Macon like Bacon” as more than one German friend has pointed out – it seems this is how this small Northern Missouri town’s name can best be remembered by my friends.

So I am here, freshly arrived in Macon yesterday – after two great first days in Kansas City (including a visit to IKEA – more of that later) – and already mostly unpacked and in the middle of it all.

I will try to keep you all updated frequently!

Anni out.